“Perhaps most importantly, professionalism means, in every situation, willfully gathering responsibility rather than avoiding it. Doing so is important because if you don't acknowledge and assume the onus of responsibility in every aspect of your work you will seldom if ever make the right choice to do what is necessary to achieve consistent success for your employer, your employees, your clients, or yourself. Quite simply, if the buck doesn't stop with you, you're not a professional.”

Andy Rutledge, Design Professionalism

Your team should work like an open source project. @rtomayko shares a bit about Github's development processes. http://j.mp/V2f4aT

Big props to @microsoft for dropping out of Kaspersky's top 10 vulnerabilities list. http://j.mp/U0YzuM Give credit where credit is due.

I have a new drug. It's called all green tests with 100% code coverage. Seriously, I'm all Pavlov's dog for this stuff.

Yo! Hacknight Thursday night! We start at 7 at my house. Bring your brain and some snackies and get your Hack on! DM for directions.

O.C. Tanner is hiring! I'm looking for Technical Program Managers to come make some awesome! Job Description: http://j.mp/Rfk8up

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That @dayoneapp icon puts everything else on my dock to shame.